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I know some of you might be wondering why are the Harris’ starting a podcast about marriage.  Isn’t there enough material already available in books, on websites, and in other podcasts on the subject of marriage?  What do they have to offer that is different than what is already available?  These are all good questions and trust me, Juanita and I wouldn’t be embarking on this journey if we didn’t think that we had something to offer that could potentially provide encouragement and guidance to other couples. 

At the beginning of every year we take time to revisit the vision that we have for our marriage and this year we discussed the possibility of starting a podcast about marriage.  We both enjoy listening to podcasts from time to time on various subjects such as marriage, leadership, and spiritual growth so we understood the potential of this platform so we decided to include it as a part of our vision.  It was our plan to begin working on getting the podcast up and running as soon as possible in the early part of the year but we kept pushing it to the back burner because we had so much going on in other areas of our lives. 

Then came the Covid-19 pandemic which has devasted families around the world and has caused us in America to stay at home in an effort to slow the spread of the deadly virus.  It was during this period at home that we found the time necessary to take another look at how we could best utilize these moments that we had available to us and that is when we decided to start working on the podcast.  We did our research, purchased some equipment, and got started on making a vision of podcast about marriage a reality.

We are excited to share our experiences with couples who are also on this journey of marriage.  We want to be able to share the things that we have learned and some of the challenges that we have faced over the years, and how our marriage has matured through it all.  We believe that others will be able to relate to our journey because just like you we have experienced some joyous moments and we have also had to deal with times of sorrow as a couple.  Our love for each other has grown as a result of how we have supported one another over the years and that is one of the reasons why we want to share our journey with you.

We hope that you will enjoy our blog and podcast, give us feedback, subscribe and share with other couples. Let’s Go!

Living Better Together as One,

Melvin and Juanita Harris

Living Better Together As One


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