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Keeping Romance Alive

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“Makes any difference, I give you all my heart, girl my sun sets, anywhere you are.  Maybe I’m a dreamer, you’re still my queen, your love’s like a river girl.  It’s running right through me.  Share my life.  Trust in me.  You’re all I want.  Everything I need.”  These are a few of the lyrics from Kem’s song “Share My Life.”  If you want to set the atmosphere for romance the lyrics of a good song about love is one option that can be used to communicate your love and desire for your spouse.

We know that romance is a topic that some couples have not discussed with each other for quite some time which is one of the reasons why we wanted to address it today. In this episode entitled “Romance” we are going to share with why romance is important in your marriage.  We will also discuss why you and your spouse need to define what romance is in your relationship.  In addition we will also talk about how you can cultivate your romance. 

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