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AuthorMelvin and Juanita Harris

Keeping Romance Alive

“Makes any difference, I give you all my heart, girl my sun sets, anywhere you are.  Maybe I’m a dreamer, you’re still my queen, your love’s like a river girl.  It’s running right through me.  Share my life.  Trust in me. ...

Dating Your Spouse

After you and your spouse have said “I Do” we believe it is important for you to continue to date one another and keep the pursuit alive. In this episode, share with you why we think you should make it a priority to have dates with your...

Let’s Go!

I know some of you might be wondering why are the Harris’ starting a podcast about marriage.  Isn’t there enough material already available in books, on websites, and in other podcasts on the subject of marriage?  What do they have to...

Our Story

In this episode we share our story including how we met, our courtship experience, our engagement, the early years of our marriage, and some of the transitions and challenges that we faced as a young couple.  At the conclusion of the episode we...

Living Better Together As One


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